Internet, Web-based and now wireless technologies have radically changed and simplified the ways companies communicate and conduct business. This "new economy" business model will be of greatest benefit to those companies who use electronic commerce to access powerful communities of buyers and sellers, including consumers. E-Commerce will be interactive, dynamic and real-time within the enterprise, between enterprises and with consumers. The resources required in sales, customer service, and back office functions are greatly reduced for those companies who automate product selection, ordering, order entry, customer service, tracking, and reconciliation. But to succeed in the 21st Century, businesses will need to leverage the promise of e--commerce against the strengths of their traditional business; this combination of business philosophies, often referred to as "Brick and Click" will be the key in helping maintain proper customer service, efficient fulfillment, and most importantly profitable revenue growth for small business.

While large businesses are already taking advantage of this revolution, we at DMD Services, believe that small and mid-sized companies should not wait any longer to capitalize on this new combination of traditional and online business tools. These solutions can be delivered today for a reasonable cost and small businesses can revolutionize their business processes by interacting electronically with suppliers, customers, and distributors while improving their physical business presence. Those small merchants who have the foresight and courage to lead the way will radically benefit through electronic processes that are streamlined, so reducing purchasing problems, shortening cycle times, increasing productivity, and ensuring that corporate spending is tracked, leveraged and - most critically - lowered. Distributors and manufacturers can provide their retailers and consumer outlets with powerful E-Commerce tools, information and integration enabling a smooth and controlled distribution process to solve some of today's most pressing business problems. We at DMD Services look forward to enabling our small business clients to participate in the "New Economy" affordably, easily, and most importantly, profitably.